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dr. Robert Jan Chmielewski - a doctor of aesthetic medicine

Performs a lot of treatments in aesthetic medicine from botulinum toxin, hyaluronic acid, injection lipolysis, laser treatments until to transplantation of adipose tissue. In his medical practice focuses on natural and healthy look. Aesthetic medicine is not only improving the imperfections of nature, or opposition to aging but primarily a way of life to a greater comfort health. Constantly improves their skills by participating in many courses and national and international conferences on medicine, health and beauty and anti-aging medicine.

A graduate of the Medical University of Lodz and School of Polish Society of Aesthetic Medicine. Member of the Polish Society of Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging, Polish Association of Physicians for Aesthetic Medicine “POLMA” and the Polish Society of Mesotherapy.



dr. Małgorzata Kwiatkowska - a doctor of aesthetic medicine, dermatology

She has extensive experience in the treatment of skin diseases and diagnosing the causes of hair loss. Performs dermoscopy and trichoscopy skin and hair. She diagnoses and treatment of diseases such as atopic dermatitis, acne vulgaris and rosacea, psoriasis, or diaphoresis. Also performs electrocoagulation, and little surgical procedures. In the field of aesthetic medicine she specializes in rejuvenating treatments using botulinum toxin and platelet rich plasma. To expsnd her knowledge in dermatology and anti-agin medicine she take part in numerous courses and conferences.

Employee in Department of Dermatology Central Clinical Hospital of Ministry of Internal Affairs in Warsaw. 
She graduated the Faculty of Medicine at the Medical University of Lublin.



dr. Piotr Sobolewski - a doctor of aesthetic medicine

Experience a family doctor in the diagnosis of the general state of health combined with the skills of aesthetic medicine allow him to a holistic attitude to the patient, so that his treatments bring long lasting effecst. He specializes in skin rejuvenation, reduction of cellulite, stretch marks, scars, local fat and alopecia. He performs also the regeneration of PRP therapy - a modern method of rejuvenation and strengthening hair.

A graduate of the University of Medical Sciences. K. Marcinkowski in Poznań. Currently - Cracow School of Health Promotion.



Agnieszka Przygoda - master of cosmetology

Graduated from the Medical University majoring in cosmetology.

Has been certified "medical scrubs, the use of Yellow Peel Facial, properties and indications from the point of view of cosmetology, dermatology and aesthetic medicine". She specializes in cosmetic face and body and is a lecturer at the School of Cosmetics in Warsaw. A professional with a gentle touch who communicates well with the customer.


Natalia Sierańska - cosmetologist

She specializes in cosmetic facial and body care. She went through a lot of training courses in shaping body manually and using specialized equipment. Moreover, with high precision she styles nails. Work as a cosmetologist is a pleasure for her and a challenge. She wants to constantly educate herself towards the professional cosmetology. Expertise of service and commitment, which she gives her customers, makes them eager to come back.

A graduate of Post-Secondary Medical School in Otwock at the Cosmetic Technology Services. She earned a Bachelor of Health Promotion Elements of Public Health. Currently expanding her knowledge and skills on Social Academy of Sciences majoring in Cosmetology.


Cezary Wolski - masseur, biomasseur, reflexologist

He specializes in exotic massages. A graduate of The European Shiatsu School. His treatments affect the improvement of health, well-being and support the process of regeneration of the body.



Katarzyna Bajer - passionate of makeup and permanent makeup. Carefully doing her job and wants to compose with personality, preference and color type. This is a person extremely sensitive and precise contact. She does not impose her vision. He listens, advises, proposes.


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